BigTime Pro Review – BigTime Pro is a mechanized morning clock with a light projector that can be switched around to 180º, which stirs you softly, without being disturbed by light and with a gigantic number of multipurpose capacities.

Albeit awakening and going to see the time can make you listless, when you have a morning clock on your bedside table appearance it projected on the rooftop, you will stir better. The BigTime Pro watch shows up at up to 5 meters away and adapts to any point.

With temperature and clamminess control, USB charger for devices, radio and mirror mode, the BigTime Pro projector morning clock is the most unbelievably complete.
Likewise, it has an adjustable assistance that licenses you to include it as a table clock wherever.

BigTime Pro Review

Features and Benefits of the BigTime Pro projector morning clock

  • One of the morning clocks with less use in its group.
  • Intrinsic USB charging bank for various devices.
  • Lighting up and introduce day plan.
  • LCD show with tremendous numbers and all information all together.
  • Climate control sensors with temperature and sogginess.
  • Back reflect, you can include it as a dressing table.
  • Projector with an extent of up to 5m and convenient 180º to broaden the time on the rooftop or the wall.
  • Six brightness powers so as not to flabbergast you unaware of everything going on.
  • Base with go area to get the most natural audit point.
  • Radio and sound affiliation structure.
  • Controls the temperature of the room in a way that licenses you to see the viability of the calm low use warmers.
  • 100% money back guarantee, you have 14 days to return without liability
  • Free delivery all over the world.
BigTime Pro Review


Customer Reviews of the BigTime Pro projector morning clock

Seeing the time contemplated the rooftop while you’re arousing is entertaining. It appears to me a capable way not to fall asleep and appear later than anticipated to puts in case you are one individuals who slack off in bed. – Harry, Realtor

As a morning clock for youths it has its ease, if it is protected I really decide to get one. As a furniture clock at home, my children would probably involve it as a toy, as has happened in past experiences. Olivia, Physiotherapist


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