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Need to beat that drenching heat of the summer? and decrease your financial cost? We have the correct item for you. Cool Air is a compact air cooler that will chill off your room in a short time, lets say 10 minutes. Besides, this cooler consumes less electricity and power so it won’t be affect your bill. Read this Cool Air Review.

However if we contrasted this cooler and another air conditioner systems, CoolAir will stand out among the various coolers.

Regardless of whether it is portable or smaller in size or energy consumption or cooling limit in each angle Cool Air will stand out. It is the best home air cooler to reduce your bill and give out most extreme cooling effect.

Cool air works by sucking the hot air in and replace it with a fresh and cool air. What’s more, Cool Air likewise expels the unpleasant smell from the room and convert it into the new fresh air.

This gadget is small in size, so you can carry it with you anywhere. These extra highlights make it useful for the family particularly kids.

What is CoolAir?

Cool Air is a conservative and lightweight air cooler that can be placed in any edge of your room. This Lightweight cooler can cool the room in about 10 minutes. Whenever compared with other different coolers, this cooler is cost-effective and energy-effective.

In contrast to different coolers, you can utilize CoolAir for day in and day out activity. By consuming less electricity and power, it won’t cause an increase to your electricity bill. This cooler is the best option in contrast to the conventional one.

With numerous different coolers, you must be careful and continue checking the water level in the tank. Yet, you don’t need to do that with Cool Air as it will turn off when the water level comes underneath a specific level.

Topping up the tank is likewise simple to do, just simply open the top at the highest point of the cooler and fill around 300 ml water in it and close it.

Cool Air by design is portable in nature. It is so lightweight and minimal that you can convey it with you on your days off and anyplace you need. Other than its compact size, this cooler is much productive that it can chill off your home or office or carport.

cool air review

So with this cooler, you can beat the heat anywhere you want. It is an energy-effective cooler which doesn’t increase your power bill by consuming more electricity.

Other than cooling, Cool Air can clean the air around the area. With a 300ml water tank, it humidifies the air around and without making any noise. In contrast to different coolers, it accomplishes this work quietly and effectively. So it encourages you in low cost so you don’t have to purchase another humidifier.

Aside from cooling and humidifying, it helps in purifying the air. There is a evaporating filter fitted inside the cooler. This filter helps in catching airborne and toxin particles. After catching the particles, it allows the natural air to go out.

There is a twilight setting that comes in 8 unique colours. These lights will help you around evening time, and a few colours are calming to such an extent that will cause your body to relax.

You can put the gadget anyplace including your room, washroom, lounge, and office zone. It is so helpful to utilize the cooler that you can put it in any side of your room and it will fit the space well.

Otherwise known as the “Least expensive Air Conditioning Device. These are hot summer days, and individuals are after Cool Air products to chill off. So how does this little gadget work? Does it truly pull warm air from the room and cool it off? Is it actually really cheap? Find the answers below in this Cool Air Review.

Features of CoolAir [Cool Air Review]

  • 3 variants in fan speed.
  • A USB port for easy power supply.
  • Water in the tank has a capacity of 300 ml and can stay up to 8 hours.
  • 8 different LED moonlight setting.
  • Very compact and lightweight in nature.
  • Portable by design and can carry it with you anywhere.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cost-Effective that will save you thousands on a single purchase.
  • Works as a humidifier and an air purifier for a healthier environment.

Cool Air Specifications


174 × 170 × 170mm


20 Speed Settings

Water Tank Capacity

750 ml

Power Supply

A USB port for easy power supply.

LED lighting

8 different LED moonlight setting.


three-speed controlled fan

Manufacturer Description of CoolAir

The component of the CoolAir is 17cm x 17cm x 17cm. The cooler is small and lightweight in size. Size is portable to such an extent that you can carry it with you anyplace you need. This customized cooler will cool your room shortly and you can put it in your  room or office or carport. Feel relaxed and cool with Cool Air.

The Design of Cool Air [CoolAir Review]

Most evaporative coolers are genuinely large device that look more like portable cooling units. The Cool Air is a small block molded cooler, estimating just 17cm x 17cm x 17cm, making it perfect to be put on a work area. We assessed a unit in white colour, yet there are other options in blue and black.

As this is a evaporating cooler, it has a 750ml water tank aside. It’s somewhat hard to remove, however after a couple of top ups, we figured out how to place the tank in and out with no issues.

The water in this tank is absorbed inside the cartridge, spreading equally over the surface of the cooling device. As the fan in the back blows hot air over the water, it dissipates, cooling the air and adding dampness to it.

The water tank gives three to five hours of cooling and the cartridge can absorb around 400 ml of water; topping up with water when the cartridge is full, extends the cooling time from one to three hours, summing up to 8 hours of cooling.

cool air

Controlling the Cool Air is simple, all thanks to the button on the top board. Press and hold the middle button and the cooler turns on or off. Utilize the speed and temperature modification button. With 3 speed settings, there is a lot of breeze to offer between a gentle breeze to an explosion of fresh air.

Tap the button once and you will get to the principle menu. This permits you to alter the colour of the water supply light. You can undoubtedly coordinate your stylistic theme – and the power of the light; or you can switch off the light.

With Night mode, the supply light goes out and the primary screen darkens. There is a choice to shine a particular colour when the cartridge gets dry, so you realize it’s an ideal opportunity to top up more water.

How does the CoolAir Function?

As we discussed above, Cool Air has a 3-speed fan setting with the goal that you can change the speed as according to the temperature outside. This fan works as with the induction motor. There is a USB port for its working you can use that to control it. This only for the convenience of the client.

Cool Air cools the air as well as filters it. There is a Filter inside the cooler which traps the toxin and airborne particles to give you clean and natural air. The water tank of the cooler will likewise amaze you with its ability.

This little cooler can work for straight 8 and a half hours without needing you to add more water to the tank. If you use cold water, then it can work for additional hours. So with the cooling device, this cooler likewise goes about as a humidifier.

There is a little entryway at the highest point of the Cool Air through which you can add more water. For the most part, the limit of the water tank is 300ml. You can include water or ice according to your choice. When you have included the water you can close the entryway at the top.

What Can the Cool Air Do? [CoolAir Review]

Cool Air gives has different means to provide cool air and relief during extreme hot days.

  • It has a three-speed controlled fan. Regardless of whether you are sitting at your PC or doing some work in your room, CoolAir has the correct setting for you.
  • It is USB friendly.
  • The CoolAir is a 3-in-1 device. It cools, refines and humidifies the air around you, making your own air new and clean.
  • Its in-built water tank lasts up to eight hours.
  • The CoolAir is smooth, smaller, light-weight and portable. It can fit in your workspace, at home, or anyplace you are travelling to.
  • It has a moodlight setting with seven distinctive colours that helps set the pace that starts and finishes your day.

Simply Add Water!

While it looks like a little air controlling system unit, the CoolAir doesn’t require any high technical steps. In actuality, this 6×6 air cooler is easy to understand and requires just a couple of simple steps to utilize.

1. Simply fill the tank with cold water. The small tank permits the CoolAir to go about as a humidifier and purifier.

2. Attachment the CoolAir’s USB cord into a power source.

3. In under a minute, you will be surrounded by cool, clean, and fresh air.

The CoolAir basically gets warm air through its evaporative water filter and pushes out cooler, clean air. Try not to be tricked by its size. Small but ground-breaking, the CoolAir will keep on pumping out cool, fresh air for eight hours.

cool air review

What are the Benefits of CoolAir?

The following are the benefits of the CoolAir:

  • You can physically control the speed of the fan of the cooler. It has a 3-speed setting that will assist you with setting your preferred temperature.
  • This cooler consumes less power and energy. A USB port is given for the power unit.
  • Aside from cooling the air, it likewise helps in cleaning and humidifying that air. You will, get fresh and clean air for your family.
  • The water tank of the cooler goes on for eight and a half hours. No reason to top up the tank regularly.
  • The cooler is compact and lightweight in nature however, you can keep it in any side of the room. This will likewise empower you to take it on vacations.
  • You can choose from 8 changed settings colours. Dim light at evening and brilliant light in the afternoon.
  • Cool Air helps in cleaning the air henceforth, it will keep your children and family from getting any allergies or infections. It also filters polluted air from the room.
  • The cooler has filters that help trap airborne particles. It will hold the particles and circulate the fresh and pure air outside the cooler. Thus it is the best cooler for the individuals who have asthma and other respiratory issues.
  • The cooling effect of the CoolAir can cool off the room in only 10 minutes.
  • Cool Air is cheap and energy-efficient.

For Whom is the Cool Air Best Suited for?

Because of increase in Air contamination the respiratory issues are on rise. You can hear that at least every fourth individual in the nation has a respiratory isues. Numerous individuals are powerless against the allergens and the airborne particles. For them CoolAir Review is the best item, it will likewise filter the air. Filters in the cooler aides in trapping all the allergens and the particles and push out only fresh air.

If you need your room to be always fresh then this cooler for you. It will help in providing fresh air. This cooler is  energy-proficient and cost-effective. This will not increase your on electricity bill.

Cool Air has 3 diverse fan speeds which is perfect for each age gathering. Particularly for the children, you can set the speed to the low and you don’t need to stress the entire night over the temperature being unreasonably low for them. In addition, there comes the twilight setting that will guarantee your child won’t hit the door at night when waking up.

Your quest for the air cooler is getting to an end. However, if you need a financially low cost yet proficient cooler, at that point Cool Air is the item for you. You can cool off your family room or your office in only 10 minutes. In the event that you may have overlooked the advantages, lets up explain that again.

cool air review

Advantages of Cool Air [CoolAir Review]

  • The CoolAir is extremely user-friendly and only requires a few simple steps to set-up and use. 
  • It is fast-cooling. In less than a minute and a press of a button, you can have a comfortable personal space. 
  • It has a quiet, three-speed fan and relaxing moodlight that helps you relax anywhere. So, no noise pollution at all. 
  • The CoolAir is compact and portable. You can move it anywhere in the house, which makes it very convenient. 
  • The water tank lasts for eight hours. 

Pros of Cool Air

  • This CoolAir offers numerous advantages that make this the best when compared to other types of air cooler.
  • It has a multi-coloured LED light. Simply turn on any light you wish and set a mood in the room.
  • This gadget converts over cool, used air at home or work environment into cool breezes that you can appreciate in this hot summer days.
  • The cooler refreshes the air around you, making it simpler to inhale fresh air even on hot days.
  • You can store it in your vehicle and take it to your working environment or use it at home.
  • It can be used with the USB port.

Cons of Cool Air

  • It is only purchased online directly from the company to prevent you falling prey to scammers.

How To Use Cool Air? [CoolAir Review]

There are very steps to follow-

  • Open up the CoolAir cautiously and remove the gadget out of it.
  • Place the cooler in your room or anyplace you need it to be.
  • Fill the tank by opening the door at the top of the cooler. Fill 300ml of water or proportional add ice in it.
  • After that, you then simply plug in the cooler.
  • You can likewise connect the USB port for the power supply.
  • That is everything you should do, you can start enjoying the cool, fresh air from the cooler.
  • You can change the setting of the cooler like fan speed and even glowing colour whenever you need.
  • Top up the tank after eight hours of use.

How can you Maintain CoolAir?

Maintenance of the cooler is simple, in fact there is nothing to maintain. Remember these point while using the CoolAir:

Continuously make sure to top up the tank. Top up the tank after like 8 hours. Never turn on the cooler with an unfilled tank.

There is an evaporative air filter that requires cleaning occasionally. With dirt and toxin particles, it will be dirty often so you should remember to clean it.

To what extent can CoolAir last?

With typical cooler, you need to top up the water tank in an hour. However, when we tried Cool Air for its water taking capacity and cooling effect, we saw that in 4 hour time frame it consumes just 50% of the water tank. What’s more, the room was totally chilled.

This implies that it can additionally work for 4 hours straight till the water tank gets finished. That is stunning right?.

You need to top up the water tank on a normal following 8 and a half hours. Cool Air has great capacity and can run persistently without consuming a lot of water.

A few hints on utilizing the Air Cooler in the correct manner

To cool the room rapidly placement of the cooler must be in a location that is easy to move. Cool Air doesn’t take more than 10 mins to cool off the room.

Fill the tank with ice chilled water so the cooler will take less power to chill off the room. Additionally, with chilled water, it will cool the room quicker.

The showcase board comes with diverse LED light colours. There are 8 colours you can choose from.

For better outcomes when you switch on the air cooler, try to turn off other cooling gadgets. This one will save you money and will work effectively.

cool air


Almost certainly the standard cooling machines will chill the whole room but will cost you so much money and increase your electricity bill.

CoolAir is conservative cooler that can fit any side of your room. This cooler assists with chilling off the whole room in a short time.

In addition, this cooler saves you money spent on increases electricity bill and works effectively.

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