Door Defense Review

Never Be Afraid To Be Alone In Your Dorm Again! Door Defense Gave Me Peace of Mind While Away During My First Year of School.

Back to school is almost here! While I am not thrilled about having to go to class, I am so excited to see all of my friends.

I remember feeling the same way last year, but I was also nervous. It was my first year away from home. My parents were nervous too. My dad was really worried.

Door Defense Review
Door Defense Review

“Oh Dad, I’m not a baby. I can take care of myself!” I said to him.

But, deep down, I was still pretty nervous. I go to a big school with lots of people. My dorm is great, but it’s huge and a lot of people are constantly coming and going.

With all of the craziness in the world right now, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be safe. My parents were obviously wondering the same thing.

Before I left, they bought me several things to take to school with me – extra chargers, a new computer, and stuff for my dorm room. There was something else among my gifts that I didn’t recognize. It was a new portable door lock called Door Defense!

Door Defense Review
Door Defense Review

Dad said he saw an ad online for it and that he would feel better if I had this at school. He taught me how to quickly set it up.

You insert Door Defense into the door latch when you are in your room, and it reinforces your door into a fortress-like barrier to stop anyone trying to get in. It is small, lightweight and highly effective.

This was perfect for me! When I am in my dorm room, Door Defense prevents ANYONE FROM ENTERING THE ROOM!

Door Defense is made from high-grade tensile steel. The precision latch mechanism is also made from an aircraft-grade, super-strong special alloy.


I promised Dad I would use Door Defense when I was in my dorm room.


Door Defense Reviews
Door Defense Reviews

Little did I know that my fears about being in a big dorm would come true. I am so happy Dad bought me Door Defense! Here’s what happened:

The first weekend of school last year, I went with new friends to a house party on campus. We had a great time. After that, we all left to head home. But, a few guys who had a few too many drinks were following us. We tried to ditch them, but they wouldn’t leave us alone.

We went back to the dorm and we all went to my room. We were hoping we would be safe, but they got in the front door.

I was nervous about these guys, and I remembered the Door Defense portable lock my dad had given me.

Door Defense Review
Door Defense Review

We had of course locked the door, but dorm rooms can have pretty flimsy locks. Also, we had no way of knowing if they had a key from a former student. I was not taking any chances. I installed Door Defense immediately.

These guys were yelling and banging on the door. We called campus security, but they were at least five minutes away. The guys kept on kicking the door – harder and harder.

Without Door Defense to secure the door, they might have gotten in. But with Door Defense, the door held strong!

After about 15 minutes of these guys trying to get in, campus security arrived and arrested them.

“Dad, I’m so glad you bought this for me, and that I used it!” I told him the next day.

My friends were so happy I had it too. They both went online and ordered Door Defense for themselves.

Door Defense has given me peace of mind when I am in my dorm. It’s so small and light, I am going to take it wherever I go. You can also check out this Door Defense Review.

DOOR DEFENSE Is Amazingly Simple!

Here’s How It Works:

1. Dad ordered it online and Door Defense arrived in about a week. Everything I needed was in the box. It came in a nice blue carrying case.

2. It was easy to use. Dad tested it on several doors in our house and his office and Door Defense fit on everything!

3. It looked really strong. Dad put it on his office door and told his colleague to try to get in with the actual door key, but the door stayed bolted shut! He was very pleased. After they were done testing, it removed easily from the door without any damage.

4. He gave me one and I am so happy he did!

Door Defense Review
Door Defense Review

Take my advice – if you’re in any dorm, hostel or rental property where someone else might have a key, Door Defense is a must!

If you need a room secured against kicking in or brute force, Door Defense is perfect!

You can take it with you anywhere. It is strong and light, and using it doesn’t damage or alter the door in anywhere. When you are ready to leave, simply remove it and take it with you.

No weirdos or unwanted intruders can get through your door. You’ll have total peace of mind.


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