Nosibubzi Review

Nosibubzi is a very mild electric baby snot aspirator, which allows to clean the nostrils of children effectively and without them hardly noticing.

Music included in the baby mucus extractor

One of the great novelties of the Nosibubzi baby mucus suction machine is that it allows you to play music, thanks to which the baby calms down and lets the nose clean without problems. With this new device it’s more of a game than a hassle.

Adaptive heads for all ages

Another novelty of this advanced electric mucus extractor is that it comes with various head designs. On the one hand it has a special head for babies, softer, and with a rounded shape, which fits perfectly in small noses. On the other hand, it has slightly larger heads for older children.


Is the baby mucus vacuum Nosibubzi safe?

The Nosibubzi baby mucus extractor is totally safe, with specially designed heads and an innovative counter-flow system that prevents the return of mucus towards the child.

In addition to this, the materials are totally antiallergic and washable, giving total hygiene to the process.

Features of the Nosibubzi mucus extractor

  • Battery interchangeable with a 5V battery.
  • Replacement heads for all formats.
  • Counter-flow system to prevent mucus from returning to the baby’s nose.
  • Fully removable and washable.
  • Rounded and flexible shapes to be able to clean mucus gently. It can be used even when the baby sleeps.
  • Play music to perform the process like a game.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Listed among the best children’s gadgets such as the Varistop anti-acne laser pen

Reviews and opinions of the Nosibubzi mucus extractor

It’s a very good device. With my young son I used the manual pear squeegee, the usual ones, and with the little one I am using the mechanic and the difference is very noticeable. In my opinion it is because it sucks continuously.


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