From helping you find your way back to your base location during camping and providing you with illumination during power outages, to warding off an attacker at night, there are a few tools as essential and handy as a flashlight.

And there are few tools that can double as a source of lighting and weapon as a tactical flashlight. The Tc1200 Flashlight is not your ordinary torch or flashlight; it is a military-grade flashlight that is capable of disorienting a person and causing temporary blindness.

Today, we will talk about the flashlight and its features and you’ll be able to decide if its right for youIt is true that the market is flooded with many flashlights that you can buy for your camping trips and night travels.

But please, don’t’ settle for a low-quality flashlight that doesn’t guarantee longevity and powerful light.From our research, one of the options that can never disappoint is 1TAC TC1200 Flashlight.

Whether you are a fire-person, a survivalist, security guard, police officer, average citizen, ex- military or an outdoorsy person, this is a remarkable, practical tool that will brighten up your surroundings at night.

Let’s take a closer look at this outstanding flashlight and why it should be in your personal armaments of tools.

Tc1200 Flashlight Review

Classified and promoted as a high-performance tactical flashlight, the Tc1200 Flashlight is a military-grade flashlight that promises to deliver great benefits and features that can save you from a potential attacker or light up your surrounding at night.

Tc1200 Flashlight Review
Tc1200 Flashlight Review

Before we dive deep into the features of this flashlight, let’s discuss its specifications.

Tc1200 Flashlight Specification

  • It is exceptionally portable and lightweight as it has been constructed from military-grade aviation aluminum. This makes it durable as well
  • It is compact and thus, doesn’t occupy a lot of space. It can easily fit in your backpack or handbag.
  • It is rated IP665 and thus waterproof
  •  Boasts of an output of 1200 lumens which makes it one of the brightest flashlights on the market
  • It features multiple modes of visibility including low, medium, SOS, strobe, and high
  • It is powered by 3AAA lithium batteries
  • This flashlight comes with a handy carrier kit that is compressed to fit anywhere Let’s now discuss these and other features in greater depth.

Notable Tc1200 Flashlight Features

1200 Lumen Output – This Makes It 25X Brighter Than Ordinary Flashlights

Tc1200 flashlight was designed to offer a maximum range of light even in the darkest streets. According to the website, Its beam of light can reach up to 2 nautical miles- Yes, that’s how powerful this flashlight is.

This tactical flashlight is the same one used by Special Forces and for the good reason of having a powerful beam and being compact. It can light up dark corners at night to keep you safe.

How is it able to emit such powerful beams of light? Well, it features Cree XM-L2 LED emitter that sends out 1200 lumens.

With the Cree LED technology, this flashlight is able to put out 25X more output than a normal household flashlight.Therefore, with Tc1200 Flashlight, you can feel safer in the dark as it keeps you aware of your surroundings.

Tc1200 Flashlight Review
Tc1200 Flashlight Review

Zoom Lens That Can Reach Up Two Nautical Miles

Tc1200 has different zoom functions ranging from 1X and 250X to 1000X and 2000X that can reach up to 2 nautical miles.

Depending on how far or close you wish to see, you can open the lens or close it. By setting the lens at 1X, the flashlight will produce a beam that covers a wider distance in your area of focus, which basically lights up most of your surroundings.

By closing the lens so that it clocks 2000X, the flashlight will focus all the light into the smallest lens, and this will create a smaller but more focused beam of light that allows you to view something that is at a far place. With this setting, you can see something that is 2 nautical miles away.

Features 5 Lighting Modes to Help You Adapt Light to Your Surroundings

You will not need the full 1200 lumen of light all the time, and that’s why the manufacturer of this flashlight offered options.

The Tc1200 comes with 5 different lighting modes that you can easily switch to depending on the circumstances or area you are in. These lighting modes include High, Low, Medium, SOS, and Strobe.

High, Low and Medium lighting modes offer you options that allow you to control the distance light travels. The SOS flashing signal is for alerting nearby people in case you are in danger or need help.

Strobe light mode produces intense brightness and is best reserved for tactical and self – defense purposes. You can use it to cause temporary blindness on a potential attacker to give you a chance to escape.

Lightweight And Long-Lasting

As mentioned before, this robust flashlight is made from military-grade aircraft aluminum that not only makes it lightweight but also strong and resilient.

It has an IP65 rating, which means that it can withstand dust and water- it will function optimally even if you immerse it in freezing or boiling water.

This is due to its compact construction that doesn’t allow water to leak into the lamp. You can, therefore, use it outside when it is raining or during wet camping trips.

Normally a flashlight of this power should generate a large amount of heat.
The surface of this flashlight has heat protection features that help it to keep the heat at bay. This means you can hold it for long periods without getting burns or blisters.

Weighing 158 grams or 5.6 ounces, means you can carry it around without feeling its weight. Besides, it comes with a carrier kit that is made of industrial-grade nylon, which keeps everything in a compact shape. This means that it can easily fit into your backpack or handbag.

Uses 3AAA or 18650 Lithium-Ion Batteries

This flashlight uses 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries or 3AAA batteries. After some time, you might need to replace the batteries if the current ones do not retain power for a long time.

However, replacing them is not as straightforward as you may wish, but it is not something that should worry you. There you have them; the features that make Tc1200 stand out. Let’s see what you will get when you order this tactical flashlight.

What Is Included In The Kit?

This exceptional tool comes with virtually everything you need from a flashlight including;

  • A rechargeable battery
  • Automobile charger
  • A 3AAA battery case
  • A wall charger
  • A storage unit

If you are still not yet sure whether or not to buy Tc1200 Flashlight, here are ways you can use this flashlight for that will convince you more.

Tc1200 Flashlight
Tc1200 Flashlight Kit

Practical Ways Tc1200 Can Be Used In Real Life

Setting up a campsite

With a reliable and powerful light source, you will not need to worry about setting up a campsite at night. If you are making a camp in the evening, the last thing you want is to fumble around in the dark trying to set up your tent and lighting up the fire. Considering that you are already tired from hiking during the day, a good flashlight can help you set up your tent fast and save you the frustrations.

Searching through your backpack

Even during the day, you might find it hard to locate something small hidden somewhere in your stuffed backpack. A flashlight can help with this.

Illuminate your surroundings at night

This is quite obvious, but I had to mention it, you know! If you find yourself walking at night along a dark trail, a good tactical flashlight such as Tc1200 can light up your path. Having a reliable source of light makes navigating through dark routes easier. Not to mention the safety issues that you should be wary of when walking alone at night.

Nighttime bathroom trips

This is quite straightforward.


1TAC Tc1200 doubles as defense tool that you can use to strike a potential attacker or break a grass in extreme situations thanks to the powerful beam of light it emits and its solid, strong construction. These flashlights were originally designed for military personnel, firefighters, and law enforcers, and now for ordinary citizens.Therefore they can strike blows and still function as normal flashlights. If you find yourself in dangerous situations at night, you can either switch it to strobe light mode and temporarily blind your attacker, or hit them with it. See how Tc1200 Flashlight can be a lifesaver?I hope by now, you have seen how helpful this tactical flashlight can be. To conclude our tc1200 flashlight review, let’s discuss the pros and cons of this flashlight.

Tc1200 Flashlight Review
Tc1200 Flashlight Review

Pros of 1TAC TC1200

  • It features 5 lighting modes that you can easily switch to
  • It can double as a flashlight and also a protection tool
  • This flashlight is highly durable thanks to its solid construction
  • It is lightweight, and thus won’t weigh you down
  • Can see as far as 2 nautical miles


  • It is pricier than most basic flashlights.
  • You can only get it online; it is not available in local stores

Where to Buy Tc1200 Flashlight

This versatile tool can be found online, and the most reliable place to buy it is on the official website where you get to enjoy the 30-day money-back guarantee protection as well as other offers such as free shipping.

It is a flashlight I can recommend to anyone because of its wide range of uses, from everyday activities to defending yourself from danger at night.

You can get the flashlight by clicking the button below


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